An office that supports creativity and well-being – Lipton Teas and Infusions

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An office that supports creativity and well-being – Lipton Teas and Infusions

Lipton Teas and Infusions, a renowned tea producer, has recently opened its first standalone office in Warsaw. Spanning 900 square meters, this space is ingeniously designed to bolster productive work, build relationships, and enhance overall well-being. It serves not just as a workplace but also as a hub for meetings and a haven for employee creativity.

The regenerative power of plants

The design concept, initiated by Workplace, a famous Warsaw-based firm, was inspired by Lipton’s global message of human regeneration through plant interaction. This concept is broadly interpreted, encompassing both diet and the surrounding environment. Hence, every workspace, adhering to the Biophilic Design trend, is dominated by greenery, which is known to boost creativity, productivity, mental health, and reduce stress.

Lipton Office in Warsaw

Diverse and Flexible Spaces

Lipton has meticulously crafted various flexible spaces, from regeneration zones and tea experience areas to quiet workspaces and integration zones. This variety allows employees the freedom to choose their work style, fostering concentration, problem-solving, and inspiration.

Tea's Inspiring Role Reflected in Office Design

The office’s color palette is closely linked to the tea brewing process, with hues inspired by a rich spectrum of warm, natural shades. These colors are intended to promote concentration, fuel creativity, and represent the brand’s identity. Delicate shades of green, subtle mint, beiges, browns, vibrant yellows, and burgundy resonate with nature, creating a sense of well-being.

Lipton Office in Warsaw

Furniture That Enhances Atmosphere

The thoughtfully selected furniture, featuring brands like Comforty, Softline, Motive Home, Vank, and Muuto, not only complements the interior but also adds warmth and tranquility. These pieces, with their organic shapes and harmonious colors, are strategically placed throughout the office. Accompanying them are tables from Muto, Mdd, POV, Noo.Ma, and other environmentally friendly materials, alongside functional poufs and stools.

Lipton Office in Warsaw

In the office and conference rooms, ergonomic chairs from Herman Miller – Lino and Cosm, are featured. These globally acclaimed chairs offer comfort and health support, with a variety of colors that perfectly align with the brand’s style.

Lipton Office in Warsaw

To ensure top-level acoustic comfort, the office is equipped with acoustic curtains from Vescom and acoustic furniture like Leaf_pod and Booi from Bejot, which minimize noise and enhance privacy and tranquility.

Lipton Office in Warsaw

Recognizing the positive impact of physical activity on creativity and productivity, Lipton’s office includes a treadmill with an integrated desk, combating boredom and fatigue, thus enhancing brain activity and work performance.

Adapting to Dynamic Work Standards

In today’s world, leaders are recognized for their ability to adapt to changing work standards and create friendlier work environments. Lipton has successfully crafted a workspace that feels like a second home, offering support and comfort, and encouraging employees to return eagerly each day. This space not only increases employee attendance but also facilitates regeneration, inspires efficient work, and parallels the quality of their premium tea.

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