Herman Miller OE1 Rectangular Table

Designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin

The OE1 rectangular table from Herman Miller is a functional desk with a dynamic design that fits perfectly into the OE1 office collection. Its minimalist appearance, enriched with expressive details, makes it both a practical and aesthetic workplace.
One of the characteristic features of this table is the ability to personalize the color of the legs. The use of colors often increases the aesthetic value and originality of the furniture. Depending on the selected option, you can subtly complement the office space or introduce a bold, clear accent to the arrangement.

Characteristic legs on wheels in a teardrop shape add a dynamic character to the minimalist aesthetics of the table. Their design allows them to be turned in different directions, exposing the softly rounded part of the leg or the expressive sharpened edge.
The table structure is extremely light and flexible. It allows you to easily adjust the workspace according to your individual needs. The table can be used as a single desk or as part of a larger setup. It is ideal both in benchmarking mode and when dividing it into individual workstations.

The OE1 collection includes:

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