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The trend of introducing informal rules in offices, so popular today, is not new at all. It has been a reality in small or family businesses or start-ups for a long time and brings many benefits. Employees generally feel better, stress less, and are more creative – and therefore effective, thanks to freer rules. Conflicts are much easier to avert and emergency situations can be resolved efficiently and calmly. A good atmosphere in the workplace is invaluable for the psychological well-being of employees. And this translates into whether they will stay with a given company for a longer time or leave it at the first opportunity.

The question is how to introduce or create a homely atmosphere in the headquarters of a large organization? There are many ways. Starting from changing the regulations – both written and unwritten, through modifying the arrangement and interior design, to organizing occasions for more direct, semi-private meetings and conversations between employees. Furniture can help.

How? Well, in a very simple way. Friendly offices are not made of four walls, a desk and chairs – even the most ergonomic ones. Cold colors, repetitive booth arrangement, minimalist equipment and standard decorations do not encourage creative, intense work. Quite a different thing are soft, colorful sofas and comfortable armchairs, where you can discuss ideas for the next project or muster your strength during a short break before starting the next stage of work. A conference room does not have to be a white cube with a huge table and two rows of chairs – it can resemble a home lounge or a hotel lobby.

Naturally, upholstered furniture designed for office spaces differs significantly from that designed for houses and flats. It is definitely more elegant and minimalist. You could say – more formal. A good example is the stylish Oslo line from Muto. Perched on subtle metal legs, the seats and backrests are distinguished by a straight line and smooth surface. We have sofas, armchairs, chairs and – as a novelty in 2020 – bar stools. This allows you to harmoniously furnish different spaces of the office – from the reception desk to the staff canteen.

In the zones characterized by frequent changes of arrangement, it is worth choosing Wireframe sofas and armchairs from Herman Miller. Light, modern and original, they combine the solidity and formal character of a metal frame with the softness of cushions, backrests and seats. This visual contrast is very intriguing.

Sofas and armchairs from the Ro Fritz Hansen line are distinguished by high backrests with comfortable cushions. This element provides a bit of privacy in the office space, useful when, for example, we want to use the telephone. The typically “homely” form of furniture designed by Jaime Hayon is also significant: round, with soft lines, reminiscent of the classic English wingback chairs.

The Tonon Loft armchair is, in turn, an ideal option for individual work corners or the boss’s office – as an alternative workstation. Thanks to the original bucket type profiling, you can comfortably sit in it with a laptop or a file of documents. An additional footrest will allow your legs to rest and transfer the load from the lower spine. The Atoll chaise longue from Tacchini has a similar character and an equally futuristic shape.

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