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The office of the Wrocław branch of the Tias company is a diverse space, full of non-standard solutions. The designers have kept the perfect balance between the loft and modern style, between naturalness and elegance. One great challenge was the arrangement of all utility functions in a relatively small area, while maintaining the privacy of individual zones and spaciousness.

Andrzej Nowicki says that from the very beginning, the investors wanted their new headquarters to be unique, standing out from the competition. They also wanted customers from different cultures to feel comfortable in this place – hence the great variety of space, emphasis on comfort and subdued, dry elegance as well as the quality of the furniture and materials used. The task of NOWICKI Design Collective was to support the investor in the context of the project, to select contractors, and to supervise the entire process up to the handover of the finished space. As Dariusz Obrocki from Tias says: “Our main goal was to create an attractive workplace for both our employees and clients. We are aware that properly designed office space has a great impact on reducing stress and at the same time drives us to act. During design meetings with Andrzej Nowicki, we tried to create a concept that would meet our aesthetic requirements and fit into the timeless canons of interior design. We managed to achieve a unique, eclectic interior that perfectly reflects the nature of our company. We are satisfied with the possibility of cooperation in this area with Mr. Nowicki and Bakata that met our expectations in terms of consulting, knowledge, creativity and ultimately the final effect of their work. ”


The building which houses the Tias headquarters was built at the turn of 2017/2018 in the vicinity of a residential estate, supplementing the united urban complex with business premises. The office is located on 2 floors with a total area of approx. 300 m2. There were supposed to be workplaces for 40 people, the management board office, 4 meeting rooms, as well as reception areas, bathrooms and kitchens duplicated on both floors. In addition, the specificity of the industry in which Tias operates requires – despite the large possibilities of digitization of documents – a significant number of cabinets and shelves for traditional, paper ones, which, additionally, for the convenience of employees, should be located in the immediate vicinity of workstations. Much attention has also been paid to meeting places – many of them are held here every day, often simultaneously.


The starting point for building the atmosphere of the interior was to keep the raw concrete ceiling with visible ventilation systems and cabling. Concrete, glass and mirrors dominate this interior, but they are clearly counterbalanced by elegant dark wood, stone, marble, onyx, leather and copper. The interior also features a lot of fabrics: upholstered furniture, wall panels finished with fabric and fleshy velor curtains ensuring discretion and adequate acoustic insulation during meetings with clients. “The office is universal, simple and functional, based on lines and geometric shapes, emphasizing its modernity. Despite the significant concentration of functions in both premises, great openness has been maintained, where daylight is one of the most important elements complementing the interior,” adds Andrzej Nowicki, the author of the project. The floor is covered with soft, soundproofing carpeting. The representative character of the whole is also emphasized by high-class furniture, including Mirra 2 and Sayl Herman Miller office chairs. Most of the office equipment are products of Polish brands: Profim, VANK, Maro, Mute Design or Iker. However, they are complimented by plenty of carefully finished (e.g. veneered) custom-made furniture.


One of the most eye-catching elements in Tias’ office are the reception desks. The investor wanted to clearly distinguish and emphasize the entry zone. On the 1st floor, the wall behind the reception is made of onyx, the beauty of which is effectively brought out by lighting. On the floor above, the reception background is made of granite – and also illuminated. Both receptions also have quite original forms: the lower one is enclosed with vertical wooden slats, the upper one is covered with a geometric form made of metal. “The basis of the office palette are colors inspired by nature, white and black, as well as shades of gray and brown, which constitute the background for accessories, complimented with red, blue and green accents in deep and clear tones,” describes Andrzej Nowicki. Copper details adorning the furniture and modern lighting fixtures constitute a simple yet effective decoration. In the bathrooms, ceramic tiles imitating stone were used to achieve the effect of consistency with the entire interior.


One of the key assumptions while working on the concept was to include a large number of plants in the office space. As Dariusz Obrocki says: “The nature factor strongly fits into the mission of our company and is the basis of its key visual. Our slogan ‘There is always a solution’ alludes to the power of nature which, despite obstacles encountered on its way, always tries to rise towards the sun. In our advertising materials you can see many references to i.a. trees that can delight with their greenery and vitality, growing even on top of a rock. It is a metaphor for our services and possible problems raised by customers, which we are always able to solve with the effectiveness and determination represented by nature.” Hence, the interior is full of impressive potted plants and green walls, which perfectly match its colors and ensure relaxation. Dariusz Obrocki also emphasizes their impact on the well-being of employees and visitors: “Apart from the phenomenal decorative effect, the above-mentioned plant arrangements have a positive effect on air purification and humidification. This is extremely important in the context of air-conditioned rooms in our office.”

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