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Hotel lobby, office reception, surgery waiting room or a beauty salon, all these spaces have one important function in common, all of them are representative spaces. They should draw attention, arouse interest and be memorable. The users also expect functionality: they can be a place for informal meetings, work, relaxation, they can provide comfort and intimacy. Appropriate furniture and space arrangement will help to achieve the desired effect.

The lobby or the reception area must impress their customers because these are the places they see first. It is often their appearance that directly affects the decision to use the services of a given company. That’s why the arrangement is so important. Of course it is difficult to give a universal recipe for a perfect lobby, reception area or waiting room. Everything depends on who these spaces are to serve and what functions they should fulfill. In some of these places it’s crucial to provide comfortable spaces for meetings and conversations, while in others, what’s important is creating a space that can be used by a large number of people. Sometimes the representative function is the priority, in other cases it’s the security


It is good to take into account the fact that, in accordance with the current trends, the functionality of the lobby area is being expanded. It’s becoming more and more common to drink a cup of coffee, read newspapers or books (lobbies are often equipped with mini libraries or newspaper holders) or work on a laptop here. Lobby zones often offer spectacular solutions related to biophilic design concept: arrangements of live plants in large pots, green walls, water in the form of small fountains or cascades.

In lobbies, reception areas and waiting rooms seats are the key. Students and young people will love the informal seats in the form of grandstand, while busy businessmen will find high back armchairs and sofas useful, allowing them to use the time before a meeting to make phone calls or check e-mails. Clients of a renowned beauty parlor will appreciate the designer forms, both classic and more extravagant, for example these from Fritz Hansen offer, as well as carefully selected colors.




Modular seating systems will work well in the arrangement of large lobby spaces. They make it possible to separate different functional zones, create ‘nests’ for groups of users and emphasize circulation routes. One of the most interesting proposals of this type available on the market is Symbol by Naughtone. Multiple pieces and ways of their combination, compact size, as well as a variety of finishes offered will make them useful in both smaller and larger spaces. Especially that the newest elements introduced to this collection make it possible to build seating arrangements that start at the wall or create free-standing, two-sided sets (e.g. in an interesting kidney shape). Similar freedom of arrangement is provided by Rhyme seating system made by the same manufacturer, but here the modular pieces are larger, more geometric and expressive in form. This and the high backrests make this system more suitable for larger areas, where it is necessary to visually divide the space, and to complete the sequence of seats with tables and poufs.

A very modern minimalist character has the Galleria seating system by an Italian company Tacchini. It is basically made of simple benches with flat cushions and some elements acting as tables. However, noble materials (wood, marble, high-quality fabrics) make this system extremely elegant. Just as the name says, it is ideal for museums, galleries and wherever sophisticated contemporary architecture plays first fiddle.


In a hotel lobby or a large, open-plan office space, acoustics are extremely important. Materials such as glass, stone and concrete, as well as high ceilings make it easier for sounds to spread and cause an unpleasant effect of reflection. In such places it is worth opting for upholstered furniture with high, enclosed backrests and headrests, which will additionally muffle the interior space. It’s not only a solution for an exceptionally stylish arrangement but also for creating secluded zones that guarantee privacy for work or rest. A great choice here would be, for example, Pullman armchairs by Naughtone. These are soft ‘boxes’ equipped with a tablet for work, which surprise with vivid colors of its upholstery. The organic shapes of Shelter by +Halle, on the other hand, will wrap you up, while a group of these armchairs will create a decorative arrangement resembling a giant flower.


What if the lobby space available to guests and customers should also fulfill other functions? The Five to Nine day bed by Tacchini will work perfect, for example, in exclusive airport lounges or elegant reception areas, where it can serve as an ‘island’. Lasso stool by Naughtone with an integrated table would be perfect for smaller rooms such as colab spaces, coworking spaces or workshop spaces. It’s relatively lightweight, so it is easy to move it and place it somewhere else if needed. Plasma upholstered benches by +Halle will work well in spaces that require low, original in form solutions. This system consists of only four pieces, but their unusual shapes trigger a lot of creativity. It is impressive and looks great, for example, in lobbies with an atrium, where it can be admired from above.

The Julep collection of sofas, ottomans and armchairs by Tacchini is a mastery when it comes to playing with the asymmetry of form. Its soft, organic shapes (worth emphasizing that they have been extremely trendy in recent seasons) are a reference to the avant-garde ideas right from the 1950s. Julep looks great both in classic and modern interiors. It will accentuate the sophisticated design of a five-star hotel and the creativity of an interactive graphic studio.


Lobby or reception area can be a real representation of the company, a magnet that attracts guests, a space where they like to stay. The right furniture can give it the desired character and functionality, create an arrangement that harmoniously blends into the architecture of the building, communicating ‘between the lines’ where we are and what we can expect when crossing the threshold. It is worth opting for an interesting project, and search in rich manufacturer offer for such furniture and equipment elements that will give it an original and unique character. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

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