Space with positive energy

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Space with positive energy

We know just how important it is to achieve balance in many overlapping fields, which we learnt during the implementation of the MIXD project for PepsiCo. Thanks to the furniture from our diverse catalogue – defined by the highest quality, interesting patterns and colors – the interiors of the Warsaw headquarters demonstrate a perfect balance between the richness of the expressive branding language and the need to create a comfortable working environment. See for yourselves!

The world of PepsiCo is a whole perceived with all the senses; a world full of intense colors, flavors, shapes and smells, as well as products recognizable all over the world. That is why designers from MIXD used the characteristic image of these brands when creating the concept of the office interiors. At the same time, it was necessary to take into account all the company’s requirements: everything that is important for its operation now and development in the future.

The location of the new PepsiCo space was equally significant. It covers two of the five floors of the Monopol building in Centrum Koneser in Warsaw’s Praga district. This space was to remain open and inviting. Large, openable windows provide a lot of light, fresh air and… the panoramic views of the capital – vibrant with the dynamic energy of a big city. There are also terraces and bay windows which inspired designers to create places of relaxation – inside and out.

Between image and comfort

The key to meeting PepsiCo’s requirements turned out to be balance. “The goal of MIXD was to create a fresh space with positive vibes. Using various pieces of furniture from our offer, including Polish manufacturers such as Bejot, Maro and Motive Home, made it possible to achieve a balance between originality & a distinctive look, and practical needs & ecological solutions,” says Maria Mykytyn, our Wrocław Branch Director.

PepsiCo works in accordance with the global Work That Works program, which assumes that each employee individually agrees with the supervisor how much time they will spend working in the office and how much remotely. The company implements the 4C strategy: Create, Connect, Collaborate and Celebrate. The task of the designers was to take into account these and several other points important for the company. The MIXD and Bakata teams cooperated with PepsiCo USA experts responsible for the interior design of company offices.

The diversity of space in the PepsiCo office was achieved by introducing the highest quality furniture from our catalogue, such as Herman Miller or Framery, but also Muuto, Tacchini and Naughtone. It is also worth mentioning the scale of this project. PepsiCo employees have at their disposal 230 desks for sitting or standing work as well as 430 alternative work zones, including 50 rooms allowing for individual work – isolated “pods” for intimate conversations and soundproof telephone booths. There are also 4 kitchens and 4 cafeterias. All this – equipped by Bakata – ensures comfort of work and encourages people to stay at the company’s headquarters as often as possible,” emphasizes Maria Mykytyn.

Entering another reality

Everyone who visits PepsiCo first steps into an impressive reception area. The counter pedestal is filled with Pepsi cans, and a squadron of acoustic panels hovers above the sofas in the lobby, reminiscent of Lays chips. On the right side of the entrance guests can admire a colorful mural – Patryk Hardziej’s work depicting PepsiCo brands. On the left, there is a cafeteria, stylistically referring to the decor of American roadside bars from the 1960s.

Adjacent to the lobby is an original creative room oozing relaxed vibes. It is designed for brainstorming sessions and creative workshops. The right atmosphere is ensured by light, mobile, colorful seats, a stepped tribune and a high table with comfortable Nest stools from PlusHalle. Their upholstery is a real eye-catcher – a colorful, patterned fabric designed by Jon Burgerman (creator of murals, comics and illustrations), used here for customization. The room is complemented by an installation based on the Bubbles system by the Polish characteristic of brand Puff-Buff, reminiscent of bubbles in carbonated drinks and found all throughout the office.

Open and cozy

The new PepsiCo office in Warsaw is defined by spaciousness. Stations for various types of individual work are divided into sectors, intertwined with meeting rooms and group workspaces. There are also intimate relaxation zones (of course, apart from the game room), such as balconies decorated with Hay outdoor furniture and bay windows – separated with textile curtains and equipped with colorful Brazilian hammocks and low, comfortable armchairs.

The color palette is based on simple, neutral whites, beiges and light greys. Colorful accents include soft furniture, chairs, decorations, neon lights. This approach resulted in a huge variety of color variants of upholstery and finishes, used even within a single product.

The presence of recycled materials in the office interiors is of great importance for emphasizing the company’s philosophy. They can be found i.a. in reception countertop and kitchen countertops, made of recycled bottle caps. “PepsiCo’s sustainable approach to space use is also demonstrated by introducing desk and parking space reservations through the PEPspace app. Such global thinking perfectly fits the solutions proposed by Bakata – ergonomic, ecological, mobile and at the same time designer & stylish,” concludes Maria Mykytyn.

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