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Reliable arms

Monitor arms may seem merely an addition to the entire, sometimes very technologically advanced, office equipment. And yet, this inconspicuous element significantly affects the ergonomics of working at the computer, and what’s more, frees up valuable space on the desk. Let’s take a look at the offer from Colebrook Bosson Sauders.

Flat monitors, introduced years ago, have completely transformed workplaces. First of all, they take up less space on the desk and allow for its different organization. Thanks to professional arms for mounting monitors, these benefits can be strengthened and used to the maximum for the sake of our health, comfort and order in the office. A properly set up monitor reduces strain on the eyes and neck muscles. Mounting arms for flat monitors allow for smooth adjustment of the position in every plane, maintaining the correct distance from the eyes, or adjusting the angle of suspension of the monitor. And all this in a simple, practical way that does not require complicated assembly and tools. Colebrook Bosson Sauders arms and equipment dedicated to organizing the workplace are not only functional but also stylish. They can be used for flat monitors as well as tablets, laptops and iPads. Carefully designed, they perfectly blend into modern office interiors.


The smooth adjustment of the dynamic Ollin arm makes it possible to control it basically with one finger, which encourages the maintenance of the correct posture while working. Ollin has an exceptional range of extensions. It is compatible with tablets, monitors (also two at the same time and with a curved screen) and laptops. The arms for different types of equipment can be seamlessly connected with each other and create a set in which we can simultaneously use e.g. a monitor and a tablet. The clamping mechanism is fit for devices of different diagonal sizes, and in the case of tablets also works in vertical and horizontal mode. The Ollin arm is also adapted to touch screens. The low horizontal position of the device above the desk facilitates intuitive work and increases the user’s possibilities.

Ollin is distinguished by its small size, thanks to which the arm is practically invisible from behind the monitor. The solution encourages correct posture and increases the ergonomics of the workplace. It reduces eye, neck and back fatigue and improves comfort during long hours spent at the desk.


If you want full functionality of the monitor arm and exceptional ease of assembly, go for the Lima model. When installing, you only need a screwdriver to attach the arm to the screen. The post for mounting the arm and the clamp come in one piece, which is attached to the desk with a thumbwheel screw. Then the arm slides into special grooves on the post. It’s just as easy to add an arm for another monitor.

Lima flexibly adjusts to the user’s needs, both in terms of height and distance as well as the monitor angle. It offers the tilt range from +80⁰ to -10⁰. This helps to tailor the screen position to the individual needs of the user, e.g. taking into account the lighting in the workplace. The screen can move up or down with a single press of a button. When working with dual screens, the height of each can be adjusted independently. The ability to fit the height and distance of the screen to your individual needs helps you maintain a healthy posture while working. The Lima arm can be combined with a laptop holder from the same product line. Moving the notebook to the eye level and using an external keyboard and mouse improves posture and reduces eye, neck, and back strain.


Most of us struggle with a large number of cables on the desk. One simple solution is the small Ondo system, which provides a fast and clutter-free connection between the laptop and other devices on the desk. Its integral part is an under-desk docking station. Ondo makes it easy to manage your monitor, mouse, keyboard and charger connection. It is compatible with all devices equipped with USB-A and USB-C ports and creates an aesthetic and ergonomic work space. It is a perfect match for CBS monitor arm systems and works both in the office and at home.


Oripura is an exceptionally simple and elegant stand that supports laptops with screens from 11 to 16 inches. It’s portable, foldable and perfect for creating an ergonomic workstation in the office, at home, or on the go. Despite its small size and compact design, it is distinguished by exceptional ergonomics. It tilts the laptop to allow a full screen view. It immediately unfolds into optimal position, which means that the user doesn’t have to adjust any settings. It also allows you to use an external keyboard and mouse, which reduces eye and back strain. The open design provides airflow and prevents the laptop from overheating. You can simply fold it and put it in your laptop bag to always have this functional item with you.

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