Vank V6

Swivel chair is a sum of years of experience of the VANK design team – and a real proof that Poland is ready and well able to handle technically challenging projects. Designed as the driving force of work, VANK_V6 offers intuitive mechanics to address many different needs.

The form of the chair screams modernity. Its aesthetics is a strong reference to the distinctive styling of sports cars. The shared features include dynamic lines and emphasized aluminium elements. A perforated mesh backrest with a geometrical pattern imparts a sense of lightness to the chair. VANK_V6 is to act as an illustration of the force and thrill we experience behind the wheel of a fast and reliable car.

“In high gear” is a film that shows the inspirations of our team and the goal of which was to design a chair as a driving force for work.


The aluminium used to make VANK_V6 armchair is
100% recycled. This is not just environmentally friendly. It also gives the chair a touch of magic.
The 13th element of the periodic table is melted at 800°c. Waste aluminium takes on a new shape. It becomes useful, attractive, lasting.

Black V6 backrest is made of plastic granules – which are also a product of reprocessing of recyclables. Post-consumer plastic products are defined as waste ‘produced’ by end-users. In the process of recycling, plastic becomes cleaned, cut into smaller pieces, and re-melted.

VANK_V6 swivel chair is a standout element that goes well with every standard and home office environment. A rich selection of upholsteries and colour aluminium elements makes it possible to customize the chair according to individual preferences and taste.

VANK_V6 is customizable to the extent that its user becomes literally a part of it. The backrest height adjustment range is especially impressive as it has been designed to suit the needs of both short and exceptionally tall people. The backrest pressure adjustment mechanism offers a similar level of flexibility. The backrest pressure may be adjusted to work well for both a sturdy man and a petite woman. The chair makes it possible for every user to assume the best position for working or resting with the backrest inclined at a large angle.


The VANK_V6 armchair, usually encountered in office environments, will also make a great addition to your home interiors. It can be used from early morning to late night – for work, learning, or gaming because its mechanics have been designed with different needs in mind. The range of VANK_V6’s ergonomic features and customisation options makes its user become literally one with the chair. The armchair is available with upholstered headrest, adjustable in height and angle. The backrest can be fully upholstered, also at the back, giving it a homely feel.

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Vank V6