Vank Tri

Is a series of upholstered poufs. And they certainly do make a good trio. Like pieces of origami, they boast precision injected into a uniform system. Individual elements may be joined together to form shapes and patterns according to your needs.

Three individuals constituting a consistent whole are an ideal set for conference rooms. They are a reflection of the process of creation, where seemingly different elements placed in an appropriate way can result in new expected solutions. The electrifying hue alludes to open space. The three shades are like three steps pointing the way towards perfection.

VANK_TRI will work well as unique additions to any interior. A pouf on a triangle-shaped base, designed for public spaces and offices, fully upholstered, offered in three heights: 45 cm, 60 cm, and 75 cm, and is made with a broad range of high-performance fabrics. VANK_TRI’s lightweight structure makes it possible to connect any number of poufs with each other by means of Velcro straps – and with efficient mobility. The line also includes a unit with a top, which can be used as a table top. The base is square-shaped and the tabletop is made of SwissCDF board.

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