Vank Rock

Are like chess pieces, ready to move across the board to play the role we want them to play. They make it possible to adapt the available spaces for various purposes: cooperation, individual work or confrontation. Seen from above, the seat is a square with one cut corner. As a whole, it offers a strong and distinctive form that is suitable for arranging various geometric shapes or filling in corners.

The seat is upholstered in two parts: the upper part in the chosen BLAZER or SYNERGY color, the lower part always in BLAZER fabric in graphite color.

VANK_ROCK borrows its name from rock, a music style based on teamwork in the process of creation and on an element of free improvisation, difficult to repeat and imitate. The idea of the seat, conceived to make it possible to create different – open and closed – passageways, conveys the element of spontaneity and dynamism of guitar riffs. With VANK_ROCK, we are able to arrange our environment in a most creative way, forming spaces ideal for conversations, workshops, or individual work. VANK_ROCK will be a perfect fit for a home environment, for places designed for entertainment. It works well in creative spaces in offices and public environments such as music clubs, cultural facilities, or shopping centres. VANK_ROCK is also a great solution to arrange for seating in smaller and less typical spaces like e.g. reception areas or foyers.

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