Vank Mont

Is a system of armchairs and sofas, which provides you with a nice retreat from the usual office, hotel or other public place buzz. MONT’s partially-enclosed seats are there to let you create some personal space to relax, wait, or talk in a smaller or larger group to discuss a shared vision. Modularity offers a broad range of arrangement options to ensure a distance in appropriate situations.

The high back of this furniture is longer for one or both sides, providing privacy and sound protection. Left or right side of the armchair can stay open, which allows for a free communication with the environment. Armchairs can be arranged in building solo or combined modularly. Mont collection was also designed to create islands of double or triple seats in opposite.

Project includes an upholstered cushion that provides lumbar support. It also gives the possibility of fixing to one side a side table made of plywood in white or graphite hpl laminate. While waiting for a meeting or during work, the user can charge the phone or laptop thanks to the mediaport placed on the front wall of the seat.

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