Vank Krak

Is well-able to get into the spotlight in office, co-working, hotel, restaurant, and home environments alike. The range includes chairs, an armchair, barstools and tables, towering proudly on two pairs of sculpted legs narrowing gracefully downwards.

VANK_KRAK is the perfect companion for your moments of relaxation. Although it may appear as something quite ordinary, it is actually a smart, ergonomic object able to support you when you’re on your last legs.

The chairs and barstools are offered in two seating options: in the form of a bare moulded plywood seat or an upholstered moulded plywood seat with an additional cushion to offer you the right level of convenience if you need to spend more time seated. The lounge armchair comes always upholstered and with a cushion as standard.


VANK_KRAK tables, available in three height variants, will make your home office complete. They will work well as dining room islands, desk in studies, or coffee tables in living rooms. KRAK chairs, made of plywood, can accompany your living room table where you work or dine. You can pamper your guests visiting you in your study by encouraging them to make themselves comfortable in a KRAK lounge armchair – in an elegant natural leather finish, for instance.

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