Vank Celoo

eco-friendly, lounge seats are a response to the needs of those who work solo on mobile devices in a relaxing “half-lying” position. the comfortable and informal working position is good for the spine and lets your legs rest. The larger poufs are designed for convenient work with a laptop, for browsing the web using a smartphone or for reading in an office during a relaxation break. The smaller ones can be used as footrests or stools. to make a coffee table, a top is attached to the low pouf. Both large and small pouf can be ordered with a mediaport fixed in the front side of the seating.

The collection has been created with coworking buildings, office chillout zones, lounge areas, big open spaces and lobbies in mind. The distinctive, bold CELOO shape makes the poufs mark their presence in the space they’re part of. The modular furniture units can adjoin each other closely and form rows of even over a dozen elements. They can be used to form diverse functional arrangements and create special zones.

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