Vank Belong

Like blocks – is ready to be arranged in various shapes and patterns. This modern sofa may be long, short, fill a corner, or act as an armchair. Thanks to the raised armrests, its geometrical, consistent form appears very light. VANK_BELONG is an ideal feature for home interiors – especially for living rooms or libraries, but it also works perfectly well in relaxation areas in commercial settings.

The soft elements of the sofa are set on a black steel frame. VANK_BELONG is available, among others, with Blazer fabric, offering a texture reminding of soft felt, and with Synergy fabric, made of premium New Zealand wool and available in 75 different shades. A composition featuring VANK_BELONG may be complemented and diversified with a table.

VANK_BELONG is a modular sofa that adapts to the needs and preferences of its users. It offers convenience, but doesn’t inspire indolence. Designed for public spaces, offices, and home environments, with individual or corner arrangement in mind, fully upholstered and made with a broad range of high-performance fabrics. The following modules are available: Left and right module for 1.5 users, central and corner module for 1 user, and a table module. The module rests on a steel frame – powder coated in black, white or light grey. The line features a rectangular table with a tabletop made of SwissCDF board in white, light grey or graphite, optionally offered in dark walnut, on a powder coated steel frame.

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