Thonet A 1700 Leg Evo

The A 1700 Evo table system was especially developed for the seminar, conference and training segments. With its innovative media technology it fulfills all of the requirements of the modern working world in a technologically sophisticated and aesthetically attractive way. The A 1700 Evo table systems can be custom-tailored for specific spaces as well as for spaces with diverse uses since the tables can be easily assembled and disassembled without tools. Versatile configurations can be formed with individual standard components. Numerous formats, tabletop versions and base frames are available for individualised planning. The system is completed with a comprehensive list of accessories, e.g., electrification, media technology, screens, and storage solutions.

Perfect for customisation: the table leg

The legs mounted at the outer edges of the tabletop impress with their noble drop shape and present a slender edge towards the outside. Inlays of wood, leather or other materials can be inserted, providing the table system with individual looks to match the visual conditions of any conference or training area.

Contemporary and elegantly curved: the T-leg

The elegantly curved, lightweight-looking cast aluminium foot stabiliser is available in three different sizes. Two leg tubes mounted on the base provide the leg with a clear, beautifully designed appearance. The wealth of different T-leg versions combined with one of the numerous tabletops available for product family A 1700 Evo guarantees a high degree of individualisation when choosing a personalised table system. Mounted at the centre of the tabletop, the T-leg version of A 1700 Evo also assures plenty of legroom.

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