Profim AccisPro

AccisPro is the latest collection of task chairs referring to the trend of “active seating”. It is an example of how technological thought can improve a simple activity – sitting. The seat and backrest adapt to the user’s body movements. The purpose is not to burden the spine. Designed by: ITO Design studio.

AccisPro is a technologically thoughtful product from the design stage. Design is not everything – smart solutions are important, as well. Independent movement of the seat and backrest is a unique feature. It is enabled by the innovative and patented SmartHPS system. The side-movement of the backrest is possible thanks to the system of sphere joints connecting the backrest with mechanism. The backrest is equipped with a special composite rod working as a classic spring, which allows the backrest to return to its basic position. The movement of the seat is possible thanks to the sphere-joint mounted in the central part of the seat. We made sure that the user could move sideways, but at the same time felt stable. The side movement function of the seat can be locked. The chair is equipped with a synchro mechanism (with additional functions of sliding the seat and forward seat tilt).

AccisPro also means safety of use. We took care of it by designing so that the gaps between the moving elements were no wider than 5 mm. Where this was not possible, we used special covers.
Armrests are important element of the product. Thanks to the up-down, forward-backward, side-to-side and rotation adjustments, you can easily provide perfect support for your forearms.

AccisPro does not restrict the user – it follows his movements. Move. Change positions. Sit actively!

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