Nowy Styl Play&Work

In a contemporary office people change their work styles smoothly. The proper space arrangement, which gives employees a chance to choose the place where they want to perform their professional duties, can increase their efficiency by up to 60%.


No less than 24% of employee job satisfaction depends on a workplace. The right level of employee job satisfaction has a huge influence on people’s motivation and increases the extent to which they identify with a company. How should you arrange an office space to attract the most talented employees and improve a team’s job commitment?

Office zones

Nowadays 70% of business interac­tions take place within an office space rather than in meeting zones. The additional seat provided by workbench systems and cabinets with a sitting function creates a perfect place for quick and spontaneous meetings of small teams.


Red Dot Design Award 2016
Iconic Awards 2016
German Design Award 2018

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