Nowy Styl Xilium

Xilium is more than just an office chair. It is the partner of your success and a safe investment because of its functionality and durability. Xilium is also a work tool you can use to raise the comfort of your employees fast and simple. Because a non-ergonomic chair is among the five most often indicated drawbacks of modern offices.

Safe investment

Precision of the manufacturer, perfection of the designer

As a result of collaboration between the best office chair designer and one of the biggest suppliers of furniture solutions for offices, a line of chairs was created that meets the highest requirements of the investor, the architect and the employee.


In April 2019, the Nowy Styl Group was awarded a special mention in the prestigious competition CSR Leaves which evaluates companies’ social responsibility and sustainable development, held by the POLITYKA weekly, Deloitte and Forum Odpowiedzialnego Rozwoju (Forum of Responsible Development). The panel of judges expressed their appreciation for the design compliant with circular economy guidelines, and putting into production the Xilium chair, which can be adjusted to the individual needs of its users.

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