Nowy Styl NEW eUP

Our bodies have not been designed to sit all day, this is why it is very important that we change our position while at work.
Meet eUP desks and find a healthier way to spend your day in the office.


Switch your position whenever you feel like it and live healthier than ever before.

Telescopic frame

Thanks to the telescopic frame, we can choose the right width of the tabletop and adjust the size of the desk to our needs.
Designing a new office with eUP desks you can choose the suitable size of the tabletop, which makes it easy to arrange any workplace.

Anti-Collision – while moving part of the desk hits an obstacle, function detects table top tilt, then table top stops and reverses to safe position. Function available as standard.


A wide palette of colours will allow you to choose the colour of the desk top that reflects your character or status.

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