Nowy Styl NEW eModel 2.0

Imagine a perfect world, a perfect place. You have your own aims and dreams, you are looking for the best, you do everything to make your plans come true. You appreciate every day, you make full use of your precious time thanks to new functionalities and solutions.
Your ideal world, the perfect place is close at hand…

Advanced solutions

Working long hours at a desk is definitely not good for your spine. The NEW eModel 2.0 desk with electric height adjustment allows you to perform your everyday tasks in sitting and standing positions alternatively, relieving your spine and neck muscles.

The possibility to change your working position, from sitting to standing or half-standing, has a positive impact on your health and consequently increases your productivity and comfort at work.

Smooth movement

We understand your need to move. This is why NEW eModel 2.0 provides the possibility to work in a sitting and standing position at any time without any effort.

– adjustment range for desks, workbenches and conference tables: 650-1300mm;
– Anti-Collision function (with external gyro sensor) – while moving part of the desk (table top) hits an obstacle, table top stops and reverses to safe position. Function available as standard.

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