Nowy Styl Navigo

A functional and properly adjusted chair is the basis of office ergonomics. Navigo is an ideal solution for modern office spaces.


When thinking about the factors that influence employees’ job satisfaction, it is worth remembering that health is the most important determinant of many people’s quality of life. Thanks to its ergonomic mechanisms, users can adjust the chair’s settings to their individual needs, which is particularly useful for hot desking and co-working. While being reasonably priced, Navigo chair provides not only high sitting comfort but also pleasent and attractive design due to the backrest versions.


There are three different versions of upholstered backrest available:
BASIC: a full plastic cover
INSERT: a plastic cover, through which the upholstery colour is visible
WINDOW: a backrest with uncovered upholstery

Each backrest version is available in 2 colours of plastic: black or white.

Beside upholstered backrest there are two types of mesh available: Mesh and Mesh Plus, which ensure proper air circulation.

Each backrest type can be adjusted in the same range:
– backrest lock in 5 positions,
– backrest height adjustment in the range of 70 mm (13 positions).

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