Nowy Styl Hexa

The Hexa modular seating line can be used to create a unique system that will work almost in every workspace, complementing its functional and aesthetic qualities perfectly. It helps create a hub that ensures acoustic isolation and section off zones that improve relationships between people. This ensures private meetings and a better flow of information and exchange of ideas.


Ringing phones, a noisy coffee machine, loud conversations here, there and everywhere – sounds familiar? An office can often feel like a hectic beehive where people are constantly coming in and going out, and where a quiet patch can be hard to find. Good spatial arrangement is key to success. With the Hexa system this becomes much easier.


Thanks to its acoustic qualities, Hexa can become a great “phone booth.” The special structure of the sofas cancel out exterior background noise and makes a quiet phone call possible, even in a bustling office. It not only blocks the noise coming from the outside, but also reduces the reverberation inside.


Sometimes we all need to take a moment for ourselves. Private space is a very individual requirement. Hexa can adapt to various spaces: from modern offices to absolutely unconventional spaces. It always provides tranquillity, privacy and a moment of relaxation.

Hexa Wall

Good business often requires being able to talk in private, in a serene atmosphere with minimal distraction. Unique areas where important matters can be discussed are a must in every workplace, and it does not have to be a conventional conference room. When planning your office, it is a good idea to design a quiet space, a relaxed hub in which even the most complex of issues can be deliberated in private.

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