Nowy Styl Denuo

The bold, original and eye-catching design of the Denuo chair is like a boost of positive energy, a brilliant idea, a challenge that you want to face. The soaring, geometric line of the backrest brings freshness and good energy to the office. This is how the aura of creativity is born.


Denuo is a chair that contradicts boredom and monotony with each of its features. For instance, the unobvious colour range of fabrics chosen specifically for this model. The trendy burgundy, inspiring emerald green, soft grey and universal blue and black make a perfect match for the colours of the plastic backrest, offering potential for both contrasting and monochromatic combinations. Denuo can build a unique character of any space.


Design of the backrest is a distinctive feature – it may be combined in many ways due to different shapes of frame and shell, as well as colours and fabric textures:
– Mesh: frame with transparent mesh
– Mesh Plus: frame with 3D diamond pattern fabric
– UPH/Plastic: shell with plain woven fabric
– UPH/Plastic Plus: shell with 3D diamond pattern fabric

Monocolor set

Denuo is up to date with the colour trends. Monocolor set are possible to create thanks to selected colours of fabrics which perfectly match to the colours of of backrests (white, light grey and black) as well as components such as armrests, bases and castors.

Colour concept

Uniqness of Denuo is proven even by the palette of colours choosen especially for this chair. Starting from intriguing green and burgundy, through discreet light grey, to noble blue and universal black. Each of them available in texture of transparent mesh, 3D diamond pattern fabric and plain woven fabric.

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