Nowy Styl CS5040

Minimalistic form and no unnecessary structural elements. Only things that ensure comfort of use and visual lightness. The versatility opens the way to multiple arrangement options and types of interiors. CS5040 fits perfectly into modern offices, designer studios and friendly home offices. Thanks to the number of functional solutions applied in the desks and workbenches, both individual and team work is extremely comfortable.


Freedom favors creativity. The choice of leg type, many color combinations of the top and edge, as well as functional solutions, such as the sliding top, wire trunkings and mediaports, allow to adjust easily the workplace to one’s own needs.

CS5040 is also the simplicity of the construction. Thanks to the basic bracket, way of mounting panels and wire trunkings has never been easier. This technical solution is a registered industrial design.

Wooden base

Wood brings warmth and good energy to all spaces. Desks, workbench workstations, conference and high meeting tables of CS5040 line can have base made of solid beech wood. This option applies to both base types: A-leg and 4-leg.

Colour concept

The top and edging can be made in different colours, so the furniture can be easily matched to the style and colour concept of the office.

Saving space

Furniture system CS5040 has been designed to optimize the use of office space. Assembly of the upper panel does not increase the total depth of the workbench and what’s more it is possible to combine modules with or without the panel in the same arrangement.

Constant dimensions also mean freedom in rearranging office space. Enlarging work space by adding workbenches (also with an additional module) does not interfere with the coherency of the system.

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