Muuto Mere Bowl

Designed by Studio Kaksikko / 2023

Product description

The Mere Bowl is a sculptural centerpiece, one that looks beautiful in a tablescape or space whether it is in use or not. Its characteristic shape is simple yet ingenious, as a line down its middle folds out to the sides forming a bowl. Elevated by a discrete foot, it looks as if floating. Manufactured in tactile ceramic stoneware, it has been coated in a high-gloss glaze that enhances the shadows that form along Mere Bowl’s fold. This surface treatment makes the bowl food safe.

Product Material

Made in ceramic stoneware with a high gloss glaze inside & out. The production process makes each bowl unique with small deviations in​ color, thickness and surface.


  • Brown Green
  • Off-White
  • Light Green


51,5 x 21,5 cm

  • Length: 51,5 cm x Height: 7,5 cm x Width: 21,5 cm

52 x 36 cm

  • Length: 52 cm x Height: 78 cm x Width: 36 cm

Designer Story

“Mere Bowl was inspired by a small porcelain piece that Salla made on the pottery wheel in our studio — the contrast between its conical round shape and the strict line of its bottom inspired us to continue experimenting with it. Initially prototyping with paper, we created bowl-like surfaces through folding, later moving from bendable materials to the rigidity of plaster. We wanted it to be as much a humble and utilitarian item as an elegant stand-alone sculptural form, casting beautiful shadows when empty.”   — Studio Kaksikko

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