Mutedesign Tower/Blocks/Wall/Hanging/Puzzle

The hero product delivering unmatched properties of absorbing excessive noise and total placement flexibility.

Light and mobile

Move Tower from A to B in a heartbeat without breaking sweat. You can be sure Tower will stand proudly in any setting.

Variety of shapes and sizes

The tower family is available in 2 shapes – cylinder or cube, and in 3 heights – 1m, 1,5m and 2m.

Sound Mastery

Tower’s mighty sound absorbing properties ensure reverb time will be effortlessly decreased.


Six unique geometric shapes to play with on the wall or ceiling. The winning figures to eliminate sound reflections.

Quintessential shapes

This family of versatile acoustic panels celebrates the classic geometrical shapes, adding structure and familiarity to any interior.

Where the fun begins

Coming in 6 classic shapes in various sizes, Blocks’ configuration possibilities know no bounds. You can either keep it calm or let your imagination free and create a complex piece of “art”.

Sound Mastery

With ultra-high sound absorption properties Blocks ensure instant improvement of the acoustic environment in both large open-plan areas and single office rooms.


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