Maro SiRiO mobile

SiRiO mobile conference tables are the perfect multifunctional solution for any type of conference rooms. This fully mobile piece of furniture is equipped with a mechanical folding system with spring support, that allows easy folding and unfolding by one person in a few seconds. After folding, SiRiO mobile takes up very little space – only 40 cm. The advantage of this solution is the ability to quickly and easily arrange the space of the conference room for the necessary function and number of people. The conference room can change into an exercise room in a few seconds!

Optionally, the table can be equipped with a surface with the properties of a dry-wipe panel, thanks to which the composite can also be used as a flipchart. The SiRiO mobile table in a few seconds can become an office helper, invaluable in conducting presentations, training or brainstorming in companies.

Dedicated buckle under the top allows stiffness of the table top stability after unfolding. In addition, the table has been equipped with a system that provides the user with safety when opening the table, protecting the fingers against accidental trapping.

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