Herman Miller Sense Desks

Where people want to be

Sense is a simple and elegant desking solution which fits seamlessly into the modern office landscape. Tools and accessories support a range of desking options which can be tailored to the character of each organisation and the individuals who work there. Sense has an uncluttered aesthetic that, when paired with most collaborative furniture and task seating, creates a welcoming, functional and inspiring office where people want to be and do their best work.

Elegant design

Sense is intelligently designed to ensure simplicity of use. It has a clean aesthetic, which makes it an elegant addition to the workplace. Sense is available in a range of complementary colours, materials and finishes to suit many styles and tastes, and to complement chairs and other furniture.

Sensible solution

With its streamlined design and layout, Sense is easy to specify and install. A range of practical features and accessories are available, from wire management baskets to attachable power sockets, screens, trays, drawers and other storage options. It is a simple and cost-effective way to bring people together, encourage collaboration and increase productivity.

Smart choices

Whether it’s configured as meeting tables, standing-height tables, individual desks, 120-degree desks or team clusters of bench desking, Sense can cater to a wide variety of settings. When combined with accessories like a unique tool bar and attachable storage, Sense becomes the smart companion for the modern worker.

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