Herman Miller OE1 Mobile Easel

Designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin

The mobile wall from the OE1 collection from Herman Miller is an innovative tool that revolutionizes teamwork. Designed for easy mobility. It allows you to smoothly rearrange a given arrangement into a new one that supports the current needs of the group, wherever necessary. The wall is equipped with a writing board and an upholstered board to which you can attach necessary materials, sketches and notes.
The design of OE1 Mobile Easel is based on a solid, light frame that allows the furniture to be easily moved. Equipped with wheels, the wall allows you to flexibly shape work spaces by creating improvised partitions marking temporary boundaries, providing freedom in organizing work.
It is an indispensable tool for teams working in dynamic environments. It can be used both in offices, conference rooms and open spaces, enabling collaboration supplemented with visual presentations wherever you are. The ease with which you can change the position of the wall between different elements of the OE1 collection enables efficient cooperation in various configurations and places.

The OE1 collection includes:

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