Herman Miller OE1 Communal Tables

The OE1 collection provides flexibility for organizations, teams, and individuals by creating dynamic environments that adapt to changing goals and personal preferences. The lightweight, minimalist design of OE1 is available in a wide range of solutions and colors, helping organizations find their own perfect blend of purpose, efficiency, and expression. With multifunctional designs and mobile elements, OE1 helps organizations optimize office space, transforming unused areas into efficient and effective workspaces.

OE1 Communal Tables are innovative tables for collaborative work that revolutionize office space, enabling the free creation of space and significantly enhancing productivity. They are an integral part of the OE1 Workspace collection, allowing organizations to create flexible meeting and workspaces throughout the office.

The minimalist design of the OE1 Communal tables fits perfectly into any unused office space, helping organizations maximize it. Utilizing the full space becomes easy, thanks to the flexibility and functionality of these tables.

The sophisticated design of the OE1 Communal Tables is enhanced by various color options. Subtle shades blend with the surroundings, while intense colors stand out in a modern office.

A distinctive feature of the OE1 communal tables is their multifunctionality and mobility. They allow the creation of flexible team activity environments, enabling work in various positions – sitting or standing. It is an ideal solution for organizations that want to increase the flexibility of their office and adapt it to diverse work styles.

The OE1 collection includes:

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