Herman Miller Nevi Sit-Stand Desk

Economical and efficient height-adjustable desking

With Nevi Sit-Stand Desks, a hardworking height-adjustable desk at great value is within everyone’s reach. Nevi helps people put an emphasis on healthy habits in the workplace by making it easier to change positions throughout the day. By encouraging them to move between postures you are giving people what they need to do their best work, increasing energy and productivity.

Focused on Function

Nevi is a simple freestanding desk which can be clustered to offer the same benefits as a benching system, without the complexity. With a simplified vocabulary and two straightforward finishes, Nevi blends in seamlessly with any workspace.

Scalable Simplicity

Use Nevi to build your height-adjustable workspace. By bringing together single desks you can easily create the best layout for your team, and scale them up as your team grows.

Efficient Design

With the efficiently designed and cost-effective Nevi Sit-Stand Desks, you don’t have to choose between height-adjustable desks or ergonomic office chairs or accessories—you can have it all.

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