Herman Miller Mantle Sofas

Designed by BassamFellows.

Designed by BassamFellows
Designer: BassamFellows

Mantle Sofas are a classic form in a new guise and proportions. Created by BassamFellows with the functionality of fitting the furniture into open arrangements in mind. Simple and elegant details, with a hint of aggressiveness, give the Mantle sofas a unique character, without losing comfort and ergonomics. In designing the Mantle Lounge Seatings, the team focused on form and craftsmanship, creating flexible furniture that supports collaboration, comfort, and productivity.

In the design of the Mantle Sofa, modularity comes to the fore, achieved through easily removable cushions. This freedom of use makes it easy to create a relaxing atmosphere indoors. The simple, unsoftened back emphasizes the L profile, which is important as the stylistic technique is introduced without losing comfort. Refined leather piping adds elegance, beautiful contrast, and is also a testament to the craftsmanship of the finish.

Mantle is a modern version of the elegant Tuxedo collection, combining clean lines with visual softness. The Mantle Sofa is a perfect example of this contrast. Clearly matched upholstered planes, soft cushions, and solid wood legs harmoniously coexist in it. Mantle Sofas are not just seating furniture, they are an expression of luxury, style, and modern elegance. Ideal for office spaces, living rooms, or other places where both aesthetics and functionality matter.


A shared vision guided the founders of BassamFellows—to restore true craftsmanship and beauty to contemporary life. Mantle Lounge Seating is a modern interpretation of the perfectly matched predecessor, Tuxedo Component Lounge Seating. In response to the constantly changing needs in the field of relaxation zones in commercial facilities, Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows offer flexible and modern solutions in seating design, providing modular versatility for social interaction and collaboration-based activities.

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