Herman Miller Mantle Ottoman

The Mantle Ottoman from Herman Miller is a designer addition to the Mantle Lounge Seating collection, created by BassamFellows. This classic piece of furniture, reimagined in new proportions, fits seamlessly into open layouts, offering elegance and comfort. Its versatility makes it a perfect fit for offices, living rooms, and communal spaces. Crafted from high-quality materials, it ensures durability and reliability.

The Mantle Ottoman is not just a piece of furniture; it enhances human interaction and adds an interesting detail that accentuates the character of a space. Its innovative design combines aesthetics with functionality, meeting the needs of modern, dynamic spaces. It harmoniously blends seating comfort with a designer look, making it a unique element in any interior.

The designers

The designers at BassamFellows were guided by a common vision to restore true craftsmanship and beauty to contemporary life. The Mantle Lounge Seating is a modern take on their perfectly matched predecessor, the Tuxedo Component Lounge Seating. In response to the constantly evolving needs of relaxation zones in commercial buildings, Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows offer flexible and modern seating design solutions, providing modular versatility for social interactions and collaborative activities.

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