Herman Miller Mantle Bench

The Mantle Bench from Herman Miller is a renowned design with completely new proportions. It is created with the functionality of an open plan in mind. Designed by BassamFellows, it pays homage to form and craftsmanship.

The product is distinguished by elegant details that give it a note of rapacity. Its design focuses on flexibility and progress, allowing Mantle components to support collaboration, comfort and productivity in a variety of spaces.

Mantle Bench is characterized by a well-thought-out design that combines unique style with functionality. Its design attracts attention and adds character to any interior. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and attention to detail, the Mantle bench is not only aesthetic, but also durable and comfortable.

It is an ideal solution for various spaces, such as offices, receptions, lobbies and public spaces. Mantle Bench can be used as a place for short meetings, relaxation or work. Its universality makes it fit perfectly into various arrangement styles and user needs.

This is a proposition that combines innovative design with functionality, creating a unique atmosphere and encouraging effective work and relaxation. Thanks to it, each space gains a new quality and unique character.

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