Herman Miller Fuld Nesting Chair

The Fuld Chair, designed by Stefan Diez for the Herman Miller brand, is the first nesting chair, which can be folded and stacked, saving space, in the brand’s lineup.

The Fuld Chair has an original shape with an elegant inverted Y design and tubular arms. This design not only sets Fuld apart from other chairs but also significantly reduces waste in the production process. Fuld is practical and comfortable, featuring flexible backrests, folding seats, and wall-protecting legs that prevent the backrest from rubbing against walls.

The Fuld Chair is available in various colors and finishes, allowing it to be tailored to different styles and space arrangements. The optional multicolored 3D Knit fabric adds visual warmth. Notably, it is made from 50% recycled post-consumer materials and is tailored to the exact dimensions of the chair, eliminating waste.

The Fuld Chair is versatile and practical, suitable for various spaces and situations such as meetings, training, or relaxation.


Since founding his Diez Office studio in Munich in 2002, Stefan Diez has been a leader in revolutionizing the design and production methods of contemporary products. His approach combines advanced technical knowledge, creative experiments, and a strong commitment to sustainable development.

His “10 Guidelines for Design in a Closed Loop” are a set of principles describing how commercially successful products can also be environmentally and socially responsible. They demonstrate that design can play a crucial role in bringing about significant changes in the industry and society.

Stefan Diez sees Fulda as a “comfortable, sleek version of an office chair that can be stacked on top of each other.” During the design process, he appreciated the significant role that stacked chairs play in shaping the universality of space. The creation of Fulda was a result of the belief that horizontally stacked chairs can combine an interesting visual aspect with functionality.

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