Herman Miller Betwixt Stool

The Betwixt stool by Herman Miller is a unique furniture piece that artfully combines various materials to achieve both functionality and aesthetic appeal. It serves as an extension of Studioilse’s Betwixt chair concept, exploring the fusion of metal, wood, upholstery, and composite cork to craft a versatile product.

Distinguished by a sturdy steel frame, the Betwixt stool is ergonomically designed for bar or high countertop use, presenting a sleek silhouette for an elegant appearance. Notably, the rear legs contribute to the furniture’s distinctive design, appearing wide from one angle and narrower from another, creating two distinct profiles depending on the observer’s viewpoint.

It’s worth highlighting that the Betwixt Stool is produced with a commitment to sustainable development, a crucial aspect from an ecological standpoint. The use of cork finishing elements not only enhances the stool’s environmental friendliness but also adds to its aesthetic appeal. The utilization of cork imparts a sense of warmth and softness, in contrast to a traditional solid wood surface.

This versatile stool can be used independently or seamlessly complements the Betwixt chair and bench, forming a cohesive ensemble. With its unique design and environmentally conscious production, the Betwixt stool contributes to a sense of warmth, hospitality, and character in interior spaces, irrespective of the urban context in which it is placed.

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