Herman Miller Asari Chair

Designed by Naoto Fukasawa

A soft place to land

Make room for the Asari Chair by Herman Miller – upholstered, ergonomic and a delight to the senses. It provides the performance of a work chair, in a form that is as comfortable as it is beautiful. Get to know the new soft office seating.

In perfect harmony

Consider the Asari Chair by Herman Miller a new character in your furniture line-up. The chair was initially conceived as a sculpture inspired by organic forms found in nature. By introducing crafted Maharam materials and unique Colour Flood options, it is designed to accent or understate with its quiet comfort.

Hard working soft seating

Beautiful in its simplicity, this chair’s form welcomes you with its gentle curves and upholstered frame. Hidden inside are innovative ergonomics. PostureFit adjusts to the lower back’s contours, filling the void where it meets the chair for natural spine alignment. Tailored for you, a synchronous, self-adjusting tilt provides natural movement, while the seat pad minimises pressure points and provides support.


The needs of our workspaces have evolved, whether in the home, office or any combination of the two. Bring the best of your office home with a self-adjusting ergonomic seat. In turn, the office becomes an experience that feels more like home instead of merely a location. The chair’s visual appeal and physical comfort are reflected by the leather and fabric options. Enjoy sculptural form and everyday function – the best of both work worlds!

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