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Design by Stefan Diez

Inspired by traditional Japanese bamboo craftmanship, Stefan Diez’s Boa Table is a contemporary take on the conference table typology. The tubular frame is made entirely from Hydro CIRCAL aluminium. This is a recycled aluminium made from a minimum of 75% recycled post-consumer scrap. The matetiala is extruded in Denmark using renewable energy. The aluminium is converted into flexible industrial aluminium profiles that are bent into place during assembly, providing a lightweight, agile solution with a flat-packed design. Customizable tabletops are offered in linoleum, laminate, wood or glass, with the frames available in multiple colours and sizes. Furthermore, the Boa Table can be supplemented with power supply and cable storage accessories for adaption to a wide range of professional environments.


  • TABLETOP: Black Water-based lacquered Oak veneer, Burgundy Linoleum, Water-based lacquered Walnut veneer, White Laminate, Clear glass
  • EDGE: Black Water-based lacquered Solid oak, Burgundy Plywood, Water-based lacquered Solid walnut, White Plywood
  • FRAME: Charcoal Powder coated Aluminium, Barn red Powder coated Aluminium, Metallic grey Powder coated Aluminium


  • Length 420 cm x Width 128 cm x Height 75 cm
  • Length 350 cm x Width 128 cm x Height 75 cm
  • Length 280 cm x Width 110 cm x Height 75 cm
  • Length 220 cm x Width 110 cm x Height 95 cm
  • Length 220 cm x Width 110 cm x Height 105 cm

About the designer

Stefan Diez is a Munich based German industrial designer who founded his studio in 2003. The son of a cabinetmaker, where he received his first training, his approach to design is always firmly rooted in the workshop, where he gets to indulge his passion for material experimentation. He is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Stuttgart and his products have received international acclaim, including winning the iF Gold Award and the Red Dot best of design award. Diez takes a future facing approach to design, advocating the notion that design should be about creating durable quality products for generations to come. Diez is an exacting designer, a strong generator of ideas and is always rigorous in his quest to fathom the true practicalities of furniture production. For HAY, he has designed Boa Table, the New Order Collection and New Order Table.

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