Grasshopper Low Tables

Design by Piero Lissoni, 2017 

Knoll presents Grasshopper, a collection of tables designed by Piero Lissoni, a perfect combination of pure geometry and synthesis of design. The modern table is where key decisions are taken, accommodating a range of functions from family reunions to business meetings. 



Grasshopper also includes a family of low tables conceived as a minimal planetary system. Suspended at different heights, they turn as if floating in thin air, supporting the hypothesis that a gentle spirit is an ethereal gift. The low tables use the same materials and combine with the main round tabletop to produce secondary, differently sized tables that can be moved along the perimeter, tracing out circular orbits. 
The versatility of these tables derives not only from their clear, geometric aesthetic and their different sizes and heights, but also from the variety of finishes available for the top. Easily adaptable, they add an equally refined touch to the private living room or the public lounge area. 


Top: Bevel-edge satin smooth laminate, marble or chestnut veneer.
Base: polished chrome, burnished or painted metal.
Note: the tables are fixed when they are in a set of two. The table of dia 70 can be moved 90° if it is part of a set of three. 


Tables are available in laminate, glass, wood and coated marble in a wide range of colours and in the veneer. 



Table 1 – 100 cm diameter x 20 cm H
Table 2 – 120 cm diameter x 20 cm H
Table 3 – 137 cm diameter x 20 cm H

2 Tables set:
Tops’ diameters : 100&83 cm, size of the set: 152W x 100D x 20/25H cm

3 Tables set:
Tops’ diameters: 137&120&70 cm, size of the set: 216W x 137D x 20/25/30H cm
Tops’ diameters: 100&83&60c, size of the set: 152W x 134D x 20/25/30H cm  


Product Story 

“If this table could be described with just two words, they would be flared and lightweight. Indeed, Grasshopper borrows its name from the animal that has six precision tools for legs. Here there are four, equally long and incredible and yet perfectly functional. Above them sits a top that is so thin that it looks able to lift up and take to the air. An object that is so weightless and compact that it works perfectly with all the chairs of the Knoll range. And then I wanted it to have the height of a classic table, just a little lower than those of today, a few centimeters less to promote privileged refinement around the table”, so Lissoni describes the new collection of tables.

The elegance of Grasshopper derives from its combination of surfaces and structure: the surfaces are distinguished by their slenderness and are available with an innovative rectangular form, incorporating rounded corners, or in a circular format, while the structure is composed of very thin, high-performance cast steel elements available in chromed, burnished or painted finishes. The tabletop is available in uncommon and exquisite stone, such as Rosso Rubino marble, glass, and woods. Each element of the collection expresses the value of Knoll craftsmanship, evidenced in the working of raw materials of the highest quality, and careful and passionate detailing that confers a special charm to these extremely versatile tables.

The Grasshopper Low Tables will soon be available in our e-store.

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