Framery FOUR


Framery Four is a smart office meeting pod for up to 4 people. This multifunctional soundproof meeting space is engineered for face-to face meetings and hybrid work from the office. Fine-tuned acoustics and soundproofing provides privacy for discussions and virtual calls. Framery Four’s adaptive ventilation and automated lighting let you focus on what really matters and have a successful workday


The sleek design and efficient size of Framery Four means it easily fits into any office. The luxurious and spacious interior comes equipped with two comfortable sofas and plenty of table space. The pod’s low threshold enables easy access, and the minimalistic design approach uses carefully curated materials, making it a sustainable choice. 

Framery Four’s interior features a face-to-face layout that is spacious enough to fit four people comfortably. Adjustable lighting and two preset lighting modes optimized for video or focused work create a natural working environment for any task. 

The powder-coated exterior panels are made from deepdrawn steel. Matt black aluminum structures create the framing, and sound-control laminated glass finish the structural support. Stylish interior paneling made from sound-absorbing PET material can be easily cleaned and replaced if needed. 

The exterior occupancy lights show at a glance whether the pod is available or already taken. 

The custom-designed table comfortably accommodates laptops, and built-in power outlets and optional coat hooks support all your office accessories. An optional adjustable monitor arm can be inserted directly into the table leg to support a 27″ screen. 

The sofas of Framery Four are specially designed to fit four people comfortably. Custom cushions are available for additional comfort and support. 

An optional gather zone outside of Framery Four creates an additional meeting area, featuring a convenient add-on rail where a whiteboard or additional display can be attached. 

Product highlights 

Workdays that flow with ease 

Framery smart pods has been purposefully designed to make your workdays flow better. Find and book the pod in advance or on-the fly from the Framery app. Or step inside and the pod automatically creates a reservation for you. Extend your reservation directly from the pod’s touchscreen, or adjust your booking through the app. 

Privacy you can trust 

The fine-tuned acoustic structure provides A-Class soundproofing that allows the pod to be placed next to workstations without causing noise distractions to the user or to those outside of the pod. And echo-free interior acoustics make the pod a private, comfortable place for work and video calls. 

Airflow that keeps you fresh 

 The pod recognizes when it’s occupied, senses the temperature and humidity of the surroundings, and triggers adjustments to the airflow accordingly. Enhanced ventilation fully refreshes the air every minute, and ventilation can be easily adjusted through the pod’s touchscreen display. 

Lighting that makes you feel good 

Automated dual-lighting sources adapt to your needs, with preset lighting options to choose between work or video modes. Video-optimized lighting helps you shine on video calls. Adjustments can be made quickly and easily through the touchscreen display. 

Tech features 

  • A-CLASS SOUNDPROOFING – Guaranteed privacy with fine-tuned Class A speech level reduction of 30dB – and the industry’s top ISO 23351-1 rating for office phone booths.
  • FRAMERY OFFICE  SOUND MASKING SYSTEM™ –  The embedded system is based on patent-pending technology that reduces noise distractions and protects speech privacy in office environments by adding a subtle, unobtrusive background sound outside of the pod. This ambient background noise, similar to air flow, is specifically designed to blend in with the office’s noise atmosphere – making sounds less intelligible and therefore less distracting.
  • ADAPTIVE VENTILATION – Proprietary design enables unparalleled ventilation with maximum airflow of 36 l/s – surpassing industry standards around the world.
  • TEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY SENSORS – Sensors inside the pod recognizes the temperature and humidity of the office environment, and automatically optimizes the airflow accordingly
  • AUTOMATIC LIGHTING MODES – Dual adjustable 4000K LED light sources allow you to seamlessly switch between  video or work modes – or make manual adjustments for personalized illumination.
  • 8-INCH TOUCHSCREEN – An intuitive, 8-inch high resolution touchscreen makes it easy to control pod settings, adjust lighting and airflow, and extend calendar reservations effortlessly.
  • AUTOMATIC UPGRADES – A built-in 4G connection enables automatic over the-air software updates – initiated instantly and silently in the background. 
  • MMWAVE RADAR PRESENCE DETECTION – Millimeter-wave radar sensors immediately detect when someone enters or leaves the pod, allowing lighting and ventilation to adjust accordingly. Occupancy data is gathered and displayed through Framery Connect to provide information about when the pod is being used the most.
  • FRAMERY CONNECT™ – Gain insights from occupancy data, initiate advanced bookability functionalities, and connect your Framery One Compact to the entire office to get valuable usage data needed to improve the layout and efficiency of your workplace.


  • EXTERIOR PANELS made from steel feature a powder-coated matt finish. The lightweight panels are joined together seamlessly, with elegant curves that create a timeless design. 
  • INTERIOR PANELS made from high quality and recycled polyester have a vibrant and dynamic look thanks to the mix of the two-colored fabric. 
  • SEATING MATERIALS are a blend of superior New Zealand wool and polyamid that form a soft and rich texture. The extremely durable fabrics are both dirt and water repellant. 
  • CARPET FLOORING is anti-static, stain resistant, and durable, giving the pod an overall soft look and finish. 



Sustainable design


  • Speech level reduction: 30dB  
  • Maximum airflow: 36 l/s  
  • Low energy consumption: 27W 
  • Built to last for decades  
  • Light-weight product structures  
  • EOL 100% recyclable materials  
  • Refurbishable & movable 
  • EXTERIOR 232.9 × 235.2 × 129.2 cm (h,w,d)  
  • DOORWAY 209.7 × 96.6 cm (h, w)  
  • WEIGHT 520 kg 

Detailed information on the manufacturer’s website.


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