Flos Lounge Armchair

DESIGNED BY Tomasz Augustyniak

The lounge appeal of the Flos armchair is the perfect balance of design, comfort and functionality. The armrests and backrest swathe the soft seat, creating a contoured, ergonomic bucket that provides good body support and relieves the spine. Based on a single solid form, it is possible to create unique furniture that fits perfectly into spaces of various intended uses. The Flos collection fulfils the assumptions of office ergonomics and functionality as well as domestic warmth and cosiness.



Flos lounge armchairs are available in a wide range of fabrics.

Colouring of metal bases according to the current pattern book of Bejot: www.bejot.eu/pl/produkt/flos-fotele-lounge

Metal or wooden structures are available for the lounge armchairs.


  • Flos lounge armchair: overall height 74.5 cm; backrest height 37.5 cm; seat width 64.5 cm; seat depth 53.5 cm.


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