Colourfold Modular Cabinets

Designed by Knoll International Design Department, 2011 

Storage for home, studio and office. Blocks of colour combine with neutrals and veneers. Refined and precise, like the folds of an envelope. 



Colourfold modular cabinets are available in a number of materials to suit client requirements. Carcasses and back panels are always made in steel and painted in a number of standard paint options. Doors and tops have a number of material options including painted steel, melamine, laminate or veneer. Doors are also available as a tambour with a single sliding door. 


The finishes palette for Colourfold is one of its many strengths, offering paints to match all of Knoll’s European systems so that it can sit comfortably next to any workstation. 


Colourfold cabinets can be used to cantilever both the Wa and Scope workstations, reducing the number of legs required and increasing leg room. 

Two rows of binders can be placed in a cabinet of 72cm high and additional rows can be added for each module upwards from this level. Hanging files can be hung from dedicated shelves and also from the underside of the cabinet top so no space is wasted. 

Cable management cabinets can be used to support IT zones for items such as shared printers. Cables are managed vertically by the use of a magnetic back panel and a cutout in the top. 


Modular Cabinets COLOURFOLD are available in following dimensions:

  • Modules’ widths: of 80 cm and 100cm.
  • Modules’ heights: 72 cm, 107 cm, 142 cm, 177 cm or 210 cm.
  • Stacking boxes’ height: 35cm (can be double-stacked). 
  • All cabinets have a minimal footprint due to the narrow carcass which is 40cm deep. 

Colourfold modular cabinets will soon be availabe in our e-store.

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