Colos Split/VU

SPLIT is an innovative chair in both its lines and manufacture: the shell and base are made from the same synthetic materials, but have a different composition. The shell is softer and more flexible, providing comfort when seated, while the base is more rigid to deliver greater strength. This means the amount of material used is minimized, for a light look that belies the seating’s solidity.

With numerous different versions to choose from – some of which offer the option of customizing the shell and frame colour combination – SPLIT is an ideal chair for both public and private settings, such as in kitchens, living rooms and on decks.

The VU tables get their name from the distinctive conformation of their frame, which takes the shape of an inverted letter “V”. On the version with the square or round top, the four legs radiate out from the centre and can accommodate tops measuring up to 130 cm.

On the rectangular version, the legs are instead set in a trestle arrangement – like a sawhorse – and fastened to a special connector supporting the two beams that the top sits on. The position of the top can be determined each time, choosing the required table length and thus enabling this piece to be tailored to the most specific situations.

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