CBS Ollin Curved Screen

Push to new limits

The technical cord that controls Ollin’s arm mean it can accommodate weights from 0kg up to 9kg. No other dynamic arm on the market can accommodate; curved screens and monitors in this weight range.

Take back your desk space

Wide screen technology can often be large and somewhat overwhelming additions to workstations. Ollin’s compact footprint however means more space on the desk for work related tasks, and keeps items such as cables behind the screen where they aren’t visible. Users can focus on what they’re doing, not how they’re doing it.

An award-winning future proofed design

Experience all the benefits of Ollin single, like it’s smooth articulation and responsive movement, fingertip rotation, compact footprint, integrated 3-point cable management system and a weight range that starts at 0kg. All whilst immersing yourself in high definition curved screen technology.

Friction Adjustable VESA

Meet the new Friction Adjustable VESA – This new VESA plate features a means of adjusting the friction resistance of the portrait-to-landscape rotation – perfect for larger/wider monitors.

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