Flo provides an unrivalled ergonomic solution

As the market leader in its class, Flo is more environmentally friendly, better looking, and a better performing product than any of its competitors. With great design and great performance, Flo offers a range and ease of movement that sets it apart from all other monitor supports.

Smooth, dynamic movement

Achieved by the use of geometric Flo Spring Technology, Flo’s unique design is protected by four international patents.

And it is this commitment to innovation that is the cornerstone of Flo’s performance: Flo offers smooth fingertip adjustability ensuring minimum effort is required by the user to position the screen.

Touch-screen compatible and suitable for collaborative working

The D-Ring head provides outstanding flexibility, with a 40° tilt both upwards and downwards it is ideally suited to touch screens and also for reducing unwanted office ‘glare’. The 90° left and right rotation enables the user to share the information on screen with colleagues, a great tool when working together on projects/tasks.

Fingertip portrait to landscape screen rotation

With minimal effort and no effect on stability, the screen can be rotated from portrait to landscape and vice versa.

Reduce project installation times

Flo can be easily adjusted using an Allen key to set the optimum spring tension to the screen weight.

When installing large numbers of screens simply set the perfect spring tension using the single point of adjustment and record the setting indicated on the weight gauge, simply replicate this setting on all further screens and benefit from a 33% time saving on the same process with comparison products.

Integrated 3-point cable management system helps create a neat and tidy workstation

If your cables have gone a bit wild, Flo’s cable management helps you get them under control.

Twist and adjust

Add Flo Tool-less Adjuster for tool free fine tuning of the spring tension in Flo’s arm. This offers easy user adjustment to match the weight of the screen to the tension of the arm, so the height of the screen can be set to match the unique requirements of the person using it. Flo Tool-less Adjuster is available to buy now from our online store.

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