CBS Flo Plus

Dynamic monitor arm for heavy screens

Flo Plus is the ‘big brother’ of the award-winning Flo monitor arm, it combines the same aesthetic design with similar functionality and can be used in single or dual screen format to provide an unrivalled ergonomic solution for using high-load screens.

Maximum 15kg weight range

Flo Plus is able to support singles screens ranging from 8.5-15kg ensuring that screens with in-built processors can still be used in an ergonomic manner with a wide range of articulation.

Smooth, fingertip adjustment

Unlike many high-load monitor arms, Flo Plus is able to use the patented spring technology to power the arm, ensuring minimal force/effort is required to position the screen.

Nice to the environment

Flo Plus is the only dynamic product of its type not to be powered by an internal gas strut and is therefore the most environmentally friendly high-load solution.

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