CBS Flo Modular

Flexible Dynamic Single or Dual screen solution

Flo Modular incorporates the award winning features of Flo and the Wishbone post system into a single product to create the world’s most flexible, dynamic monitor arm.

Dynamic Dual Screen

Flo Modular provides a dual screen solution whereby two arms can mount to the same Wishbone post whilst maintaining horizontal alignment – most dual monitor stand solutions require an adapter to make this happen.

Scalable solution.

By mounting onto the Wishbone post, Flo Modular provides a scalable solution that can evolve as user needs change. When additional screens are required, a single arm set-up can be transformed to a dual monitor arm solution, with further evolution for triple monitors, and multi-screen requirements possible.

Greater height range

The use of the Wishbone post provides a greater monitor height range, ideal for scenarios where there may be an increased distance between the surface and the top of the monitor, such as standing terminals and workstations.

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