BuzziSpace BuzziBlinds

Twist and turn to partition spaces with this free-standing room divider. The acoustical rotating blinds allow you to easily create varying degrees of privacy, opening or closing a space.

Instant privacy

With a simple twist, the blinds can be opened or closed to varying degrees to create privacy or open up a space. The S-shaped aluminum fins are specifically engineered to capture sound waves while the BuzziFelt covers reduce sound transfers.

Different colorways

Aluminum structure covered in BuzziFelt, available in 12 colors on a powder coated metal base.

Option to personalize with an extra layer of fabric or wheels to easily create and recreate corners and nooks.

Stand out with prints

Take your BuzziBlinds Classic to the next level with the new material option available, BuzziFelt Printed. Choose from 10 prints and opt for different looks with one or a combination of two prints if you can’t decide on your favorite.

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