Abstracta Window Wall

Public spaces increasingly require acoustic support, which is why screens and panels that absorb and disperse sound waves are becoming more and more popular. Jonas Forsman responded to this need by designing Window Wall screens with a built-in option for displaying promotional materials or magazines. The sound-absorbing wall has special pockets in which you can place materials for reading by guests and users of a given room.

Window Wall panels are made of molded felt. The material is recyclable, lightweight, durable and highly sound-absorbing. Window Wall achieves additional sound-absorbing properties thanks to the Recycle Fiber plate placed inside. The screens are available in three standard colors: light gray, dark gray and black. Window Wall is perfect for libraries, schools, hotel lobbies and offices. The modular design allows for any configuration of the units, thanks to which you can create unique compositions tailored to your needs from individual segments.

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