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Longer presentations or meetings require attention and commitment from participants. That is why it is worth investing in professional equipment that will ensure adequate comfort. Let’s take a look at a few models of chairs that will be perfect for a conference room.


Cosm designers knew from previous experiences with chairs such as Mirra, Setu and Mirra 2 that the perfect chair is one that will provide a feeling of natural balance in the smooth operation of the mechanism. “A perfect chair allows you to change positions as easily as possible,” says Roland, a designer from the Berlin-based 7.5 studio. “You will only achieve this effect with an adjustable chair, so we wanted to build a chair that would do the job for you.” And this is how the Cosm self-adjusting chair designed for the Herman Miller brand was created.

The tilt mechanism is similar to a car gearbox – some are manual, while others, like Cosm, are automatic. In other self-adjusting chair models it is the mechanism that determines how to sit, forcing your body to follow the inclination of the backrest. The Auto-Harmonic Tilt in the Cosm Chair puts the user first and reacts to them – regardless of their posture – providing balanced distribution and personalized comfort. Studio 7.5 and Herman Miller have perfected the self-adjusting tilt by developing a complex, fine-tuned mechanism. The mechanism itself will not work, however, without a “support fabric”, a kind of woven mesh stretched over the frame of the chair. It has various tension zones adjusted to the needs of the seated person in order to maximize comfort; the material is temperature neutral.

A lot can be said about the technological aspects of the chair, but for me it is a unique product that is an example of applied art. The form of the chair is futuristic (the shape of the seat and backrest resembles a flying carpet), elegant and light. The designers were guided by the idea to create a chair that would create the impression that we are not sitting on anything. I think it worked. The model with a low and medium backrest is the perfect chair for a conference room and will certainly allow comfortable meetings.


TINI from VANK is an example of a chair with versatile use. Many investors and interior designers are looking for sophisticated, slender and comfortable forms. Due to the fact that TINI is very light, it is a truly dynamic and mobile piece of furniture. Thanks to the multitude of variants, it is perfect for places where the chairs are used by many users in many different ways. The TINI seat is made of a flexible material, lined with industrial felt or plywood – optionally covered with modern upholstery.

The felt used for lining the plastic seats of the TINI chairs is completely natural, made of 100% sheep wool. This material is odorless. It does not contain any toxic substances. It is naturally flame retardant and water-repellent – resistant to dust and dirt.

TINI will work both as a conference chair and an auxiliary office chair. It is also available as a stool, which allows for consistent furnishing of various office rooms.


And finally, crème de la crème, the design icon – the Oxford chair. It requires a brief historical outline, as such a piece of furniture cannot be discussed without the history behind it. It was 1965 when Arne Jacobsen made history with the design of the Oxford Chair. The high-back seat was originally designed for professors at St. Catherine’s College, Oxford, England. It has become synonymous with prestige and status. Today it is a classic in the Fritz Hansen collection.

Arne Jacobsen was selected to create a comprehensive design for the college space including the design of a furniture collection. The high back that was created for the Oxford chair is a symbol of prestige. This landmark example of total design is today considered Arne Jacobsen’s most outstanding work. The Oxford chair is available in two versions: Classic and Premium. Oxford Classic is available with a high, medium or low back and a wide range of fabric and leather upholstery. A conference room with Oxford chairs will be perceived in the top premium category, with high prestige, which will be given by a piece of furniture that is a unique example of design.

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